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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Post Brew Babies

Be forewarned: is different than my  The former has a teenager, her last post was in 2011, and she admits to hating her son and frequently having to suppress the urge to slap his snarky face. She's pretty funny though, so if you have teenagers and you're wanting to feel better about your parenting skills and patience levels, you should read an entry of hers.

But more about me.  This morning I find myself enjoying some quiet time while the almost 8 month old babies are taking a nap at the same time, and Juliette re-acquaints herself with cable television (just reconnected yesterday after having quit Comcast, then gone running back to them with tail between legs because Abuela is a miserable being without Dancing with the Stars). I started regularly drinking coffee last week after having realized that I actually do enjoy the taste, I just didn't enjoy that hell-hot temperature most people like to put down their throats. Ice and Splenda and now I'm hooked. So now my mind is all jazzed up and I feel like a grownup, drinking coffee with the best of you.

Ryan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last week. 5 years and 4 kids later, our marriage is pretty much the easiest relationship I've ever been in, thank you Jesus. Ryan is too cool and levelheaded for fights and nonsense, so he makes me raise the bar for myself.  I may be a mediocre mom, but I have a stellar marriage. Only downside is I feel like our happiness has to be kept secret because so many others have such crappy moments in their marriages. Maybe our crappy moments are coming, maybe they're like cell phone minutes and are rolling over until one day 10 years down the road we have the biggest blowout screaming match you've ever heard, and we recognize our irreconcilable differences and start being really annoyed with each other.
Won't happen, but I wanted to throw that out there so people don't think I'm naive. Our church is hosting a marriage conference in a week or so, I really want to go with Ryan because I know even the healthiest marriages need nurturing and attention, but that depends on whether there will be reliable childcare. It looks so well done I don't want to miss it. Check it out, maybe there's one in your area. Interestingly, my #1 sister's church is also hosting a marriage conference this month in Vero Beach Fl, I believe it's a message about strengthening your marriage with comedy infused throughout...I hope there's some laughing at our event too. If there's anything I know about successful marriage, it's that being able to laugh at each other and your situation without anyone taking offense is vital.

This month is a little more chaotic than normal for us. I will spare you the details, but my calendar is full. And to culminate the chaos, we will be packing up our little familia and flying up to Maryland for sister #5's wedding at the end of May.  I'm sure traveling with twins is no big deal. But it seems daunting to me at this moment. I will most certainly blog all about it later this summer, so in case you ever find yourself flying with a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and baby twins, you'll know what to do, and not to do.
And I'm trying not to get stressed about school letting out in June. Abuela will be home more, and depending on your perspective, that can be humorous or horrifying. (Please do not share this statement with her, it is intended for my trusted readers and I prefer to blog behind her back and not answer for my rudeness at any point in the future) Luke will be home too. To be fair, Luke is the easiest kid I have, but with him home from Kindergarten the dynamics change. Juliette has someone to provoke, and I have the added pressure of entertaining Luke as well as the other three.  We also have these lovely goals of getting Luke and Jbelle to master the art of swimming and bike riding in the months ahead. I know they're overdue for a 5-almost 6 year-old, but please remember the name of my blog before you judge. Anyway, he excels at other reading. He received his Super Reader award from the superintendent for reading like a champ, and he'll co-represent his class this week at the school spelling bee. His other skills include telling me how beautiful I am and how he has the best parents ever, and being an overall adorable blue-eyed boy.

And so this blog comes to a close.  Babies are awake. My yummy coffee is gone. Do I ignore the crying long enough to let the Keurig make me another delish drinkie?  I think yes.  Blog, Post, Brew, then Babies. (I truly should squeeze Bathroom into this agenda, you wouldn't believe how hard it is to peacefully relieve yourself with a baby on your hip and one screaming from the other room.)

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