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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't be Tardy for the Batty Party

I really want to write about the chaos that lead up to my little sister #4's wedding night and the postwedding nonsense, but it only happened 2 days ago so I feel it's a little t0o fresh to write about just yet. If I never get the good vibration that it's acceptable to blog on the subject, just know that YOU HAVE NO IDEA what efforts were put into the wedding before and after. You have no clue how hard Samantha tried to keep everyone's best interests (financial and emotional) in mind as she planned. You don't know the names of everyone that prepared the shrimp you ate, the cake laborers, the water bottle labelers, the name card printers, the flower arrangers, the research assistants, the clean up crew, the breakdown crew (one in the same), the painters, the gluers, the hot sauce team, the salad mixers--let me just stop. But a gorgeous wedding with such beautiful details doesn't just happen, and without Samantha's vision and research, and a whole lot of family and friends, and a few sleepless nights, July 28 simply would not have been all that it was. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you, on behalf of Samantha and Nick, to every person that found themselves willingly or unwillingly assisting and helping make their fairytale wedding a reality.

July 28 was Ryan's 29th birthday.  I knew there would be no time for Ryan the day of the wedding, so I gave him the day off a week before to checkout the new cable park in Grassy Key. It was sort of a lame present, seeing as how all I really gave him was a day to himself, but I kept thinking how much I would love a day to myself. Even though he couldn't unwrap his gift, for a dad of 4, a Saturday to yourself is a beautiful thing. So on the day of the wedding, his actual birthday, I snuck away with the twins at 6am to pick up some of his favorite breakfast items in an effort to make the day about him, at least until the night became all about Samantha and Nick.  Samantha wanted her 4 sisters and mom to to a relaxing breakfast with her that morning at Blue Heaven, which I thought was very sweet and special since we hadn't had a lot of sister time with up to this point. I know she was stressed and still dealing with table seating assignments and a whole slew of other unresolved issues, but I also know time with us helped her relax, even for just the breakfast hour.

Back at the house, with cousins in town, aunts, uncles and grandparents stopping by to say hello, and the regular babies squeeling, it was quite a warzone. What started out as a calm morning quickly spun into a frantic dash to get to the wedding on time. I started to get Juliette prepared to be a beautiful flowergirl around 2:30, knowing she had to be at the photoshoot by 3:45. But suddenly there was no time. The curlers I needed to do her hair were snatched up by another cousin, and I had to patiently wait until they were out. (They were the guests after all.)  My dad, DJ, and my mom were running in and out of the house picking up food, equipment, and other wedding items forgotten.  When I was finally ready to take Juliette downtown, less than a mile away, it was after 4pm. In the end, after Ryan and I finished running out to GFS for a final pick up of 20 gallons of water and 500 more cups, we ran back to the house and threw on our party clothes, dressed the babies and drove downtown as fast as we could, but we were only able to catch "I would like to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Batty!"....But hey. We were on time for the party. 


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