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Monday, September 24, 2012


Now that the school year has started we've got a pretty sweet schedule going, and the twins take a consistent nap every morning for about 1-2 hours while Juliette and Luke are at school. During that time I make some yummy ice coffee and settle into the horribly uncomfortable wooden computer chair no one in their sane mind would ever purchase, we probably found on the side of the road years ago. I check my facebook page and get caught up on the happenings of my peeps, I send some emails usually focused around my church responsibilities, do some calendar checking/planning, etc. Sometimes there's nothing very engaging so I get up and do more productive things, like picking up rocks and pins and hairballs and marbles all over the house that will find their way into my babies' hands, then mouths. But today I was engaged. I fell headfirst into reading mommy blogs.

I became connected with another mom pregnant with twins a few months earlier in her pregnancy than I was, living in SC and also scared to death about suddenly being the mom of 4. We connected online, I wrote encouraging and sympathetic notes to her about how it will all work out, that God wouldn't give us something we couldn't handle. We shared diaper coupons. It was nice.
But then she found out her identical twin girls were diagnosed with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion (TTTS), and after a scary battle for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, her babies were born at 30 weeks 5 days via Csection. Baby Kathryn weighed 4lbs 5 oz, mostly due to the excess fluids built up in her tiny body, and was   not breathing. Baby Charis weighed only 1lb 10oz but was breathing on her own.  After only 2 days, Kathryn died.  Charis spent 84 days in the NICU before being strong enough to go home, where I'm happy to say is living a beautiful life with her awesome family, who still grieve terribly for Kathryn, while raising awareness for the life-robbing condition known as TTTS.  Please visit her blog and read about Kathryn, Charis, and their sweet family, and how you can help.   No Holding Back

So I sat down with my iced coffee this morning, and her blog No Holding Back was linked to Top Mommy Blogs. I then spiraled into almost 2 hours of crying and laughing along with some of the funniest, bravest women you'll ever know or read about. Some of these blogs are simply fun and capture the essence of motherhood from unique perspectives, ie mother of triplets, the crafty mom, the I clean poop but I am still fabulous mom, etc. But others are the heart-wrenching stories of mothers who have and are suffering to watch their babies and children try to live their lives with cancer, tumors, and skin diseases that cause unimaginable pain.
I read of a beautiful boy who did not live to be 4 because of his stage 4 cancer, and the lessons he still teaches his family from another place. Rockstar Ronan
I read of a mother who spent everyday for almost 3 years taking care of her son, diagnosed with EB, a painful skin disease that causes the skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch. Babies are nicknamed "Butterfly Babies" due to the fragile state of their skin. The blisters can be internal as well, and most babies diagnosed don't live past their 1st birthday.  Some of the most severe cases are kept on a concoction of tylenol and morphine to ease the babies life, while he is shakes and screams from the pain of simply changing his diaper, or trying to suck a pacifier.  "EB"ing a Mommy
A friend on facebook had a link about EB, someone in her family was going through it. I knew I was supposed to be praying for this baby boy Easton, but didn't ever click on the link to find out why. But since I read on "EB"ing a Mommy" what EB was all about, and while I still couldn't catch my breath from crying through all of these horrific blogs that just make me want to fall on my knees and thank God for sparing me, and my 4 children, from these things, and while the tears were still splashing freely from my eyes, pouring down my cheeks and chin, I follow the link to read about Easton.

Please don't be a grumpy nasty person, you have no right. Please don't neglect to thank God for EVERY person and moment in your life. And for these children's sake, don't you DARE waste a minute complaining about your life. You are lucky to have a life where every morning, you wake up.


  1. Danielle I am humbled and honored. You are a special person... thank you for reminding all of us to be thankful and compassionate!

  2. Well said Danielle! A beautiful post!

  3. I feel blessed to chance upon your blog...I do not have words..yah but a prayer in my heart for all the babies you mentioned in your post.

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