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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Giving Brevity a Chance, Giving FB a Break

It's been brought to my attention that my blogs are long.  I will be making efforts to rectify this in future posts, starting now.

During last election day I was in the hospital having Juliette. (Yes, I voted early.) Like many, I'm really over reading facebook statuses that only involve this election. I know it's super important. I know dialogue about issues can open lines of communication and perhaps education. But for many, our minds are made up early on and your status isn't going to sway that.  It's nice to feel like your opinions are being heard. I suppose that's why we can't help but write about them. But I feel so uncomfortable during these divisive times. Truly, I want us all to work together for good. And it is hard for me and probably you, to look past snarky disrespectful political posts and comments. You vote, I'll vote, and then let's work together.
I will pray for our elected officials, as always, no matter the outcome.

And if you've posted on facebook about your political views but don't see the outcome you were hoping for tonight, maybe you should skip your next post and just talk to God about what's on your heart.  You may get better results.

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