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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Typical Morning, Not-So-Typical Husband

Lincoln and Jackson are sleeping through the night, for the most part.  They are 19 months and in a size 4 diaper, weighing in at 28lbs. They were at one point recently waking up because they'd pee through their diaper, and that was no fun, changing clothes in the dark trying not to wake up the other guy. Lately we've been doing double diapers, which works like a charm. Also bonus in the morning, I just have to slip the wet one off and the other is already in place.

So they wake up at 6:30ish, usually happy, but thirsty. I change diapers, get them some milk, put them on the carpet, push play on a baby Einstein dvd, and crawl back into bed with the hopes that the world will dissolve and I can go back to sleep for 2 more hours.
This usually works for about 15 minutes.
Ryan is usually gone by 5:30am four days a week, delivering newspapers to local hotels for an extra $50 a day.  In our minds that is our way of demonstrating gazelle intensity, a phrase Dave Ramsey uses to describe the tenacity one needs to elevate oneself out of financial straits.  Actually I guess taking a newspaper job is just Ryan's way of showing gazelle intensity. I haven't found my niche yet.  My blog money hasn't started rolling in.

I text Ryan while he's still out that we need more milk, as usual, since we go through about a gallon per day in this house, and can't seem to get organized enough to buy the right amount to get us through the morning shift.
So after half an hour I muster the strength to respond to the babies pulling on my feet and shouting. Their chorus of yelling/crying follows me as I walk out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, fill an oversized bowl of rice krispies and milk, and enter back into the room. They immediately stop crying and start grunting (Lincoln mostly) when they see the cereal bowl and wait for me to sit Indian style in front of them to share a delicious breakfast of milk and puffed rice, followed by a banana or some scrambled eggs if I get to it. Cereal to start is quite efficient and sufficient, although usually I have to go for a second bowl because I end up eating most of the first bowl myself.

Ryan is home by this point and starts his routine of readying himself and Lukas for the day. Luke and Jbelle are both awake around the same time as the babies, but they can be pacified with some tv and chocolate milk in the living room until we can get to them. Ryan lets Luke finish watching Ben Ten save the universe again so he can take a speedy shower, dash into the room while we're on the floor chowing down and get semi-dressed. If I've done any laundry in the last few days it is a lot easier for him. Sometimes he rummages for a few minutes, hums to himself, asks me if I've seen any of his boxers, I say no, or I say oops, they're in the washing machine, I forgot to put them in the dryer. He does a great job of not making me feel guilty in moments like these.
So after the shower Ryan picks out Luke's clothes, gets him dressed, serves him breakfast, cooks and packs his lunch, oversees the toothbrushing adventure, finds his shoes, readies his backpack, smiling and joking all the while, and without fail, he reminds Luke to give me a kiss before they're out the door.  He takes my multipurpose vehicle (I refrain from calling her a minivan) to drop Luke off at school but then brings it back to the house (so that I have a vehicle throughout the day), and he hops on a bike and rides to work. He sold our little 98' Ford Escort a few months ago (gazelle intensity) and his truck needs some TLC from Ryan before she can run, which takes time that right now just simply does not exist.

In sum, the morning for us all is quite a whirlwind of activity considering there are usually 2-3 other adults trying to get dressed and eat breakfast and be out of the house at the same time, but I do believe Ryan takes the cake for stressful variables.

There are many mornings when I venture out into the kitchen for my cereal bowl to find Ryan just out of the shower, no shoes no shirt no problems, washing a load of dishes to help me get my day off on the right foot, before he eats any breakfast, drinks coffee, reads the paper, or whatever else calm people try to do in the mornings before work. Lots of times I walk into the kitchen after they've left and see Ryan's breakfast only half eaten, his coffee barely touched and getting cold on the table.  I feel a tinge of guilt as I help myself to a third bowl of cereal.


My shift kicks into high gear after 8am, when I start to get myself and Juliette ready for her school drop off in the 3's class. But that's not much to report on.  I just wanted to dedicate this post to catalog what Ryan does for his big little family each morning, to show how helpful he is without me asking, to give a glimpse to others who ask that annoying question when they see I have 4 kids, twins to boot, "How do you do it?!"
I usually just shrug and smile at that question, but the truth is we function as a family in peace and unity because God gave me Ryan as a partner. So three cheers for Ryan, not because I deserve him in my life, but because I desperately need him in my life.

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