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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

McLeans Out

It's happening.
After five years of living in Abuela's house, up to 10 people, after adding three children to our family, God's giving us our next adventure. I am moved to tears as I retell how it came to be.

We've been on and off again looking for a new job opportunity for Ryan all these five years. There were more than a few times when we found a job opening that I thought, "This is it, the timing is right, this is where God wants us."-- but it never worked, and quickly we'd get distracted by our everyday lives to keep the search going.

As the tension of so many adults and children under one roof mounted this past year, we knew we needed to be aggressive about the job hunt this summer, and we were more desperate than ever to have our own space.  Ryan applied to about 7 engineering firms, and we were thrilled to hear back from two of them within a week. Interviews were set up. In one day he interviewed in Orlando and West Palm Beach, and both interviews went wonderfully.

I was already giddy at the thought of moving to either of these cities. But after a week we had yet to get an offer. And so I asked Ryan to do something with me that we rarely do. I asked him to pray with me.

If you know me, you know me to be a Christian, the God-fearing, Christ-loving, church-going, bornagain kind. So you may be surprised to find that we didn't pray together about moving out WAY earlier. I know I prayed about it maybe everyday, but we'd never prayed about it together.  We pray with the kids before bed, but when we're going to bed we typically just pass out before our heads hit the pillow, all the while trying desperately not to wake the twins as we tiptoe into the room and get into bed.  Praying together about this, to be honest, just slipped my mind as I slipped off to sleep.

But in the midst of this interview stuff, I knew it was one area we weren't being faithful in. So one night, before we both fell asleep, I asked Ryan to pray with me.

A couple days later I got a call from my brother-in-law, a band director in Vero Beach, who randomly was talking to a parent of one of his students who happened to be an engineer, and he casually asked at the end of their conversation, "Are you guys by any chance hiring?"
This sweet man says, "Funny you ask, I've been meaning to post an opening in our firm but haven't gotten around to it yet. Why? Do you know an engineer?"
Within a week, Ryan had an interview with this man, and was offered a job in Vero Beach.

So now we're three weeks away from the big exodus, and I'm still humbled by the orchestration of it all.  When we moved into this house we had one child. But God knew #2, #3, and #4 were coming. Maybe He had us stay here for so long because He knew I would've gone crazy with twins in a city without family to lean on. Maybe He had us stay so that the man I met in college could have the rare opportunity to form relationships with so many members of my family--to intimately know my parents and grandparents. Maybe He had us stay because He needed us to learn humility and contentedness, and it took five years. Maybe He had us stay to become more involved at church, to form friendships, and encourage each other and those around us.  I can't see the big picture, but I know there is one. And now that we're on the verge of leaving, I can be totally at peace and grateful for the time we spent here.

I always told God that if He would just make a way for us to have our own place, I would be careful to give Him alllll the glory in making it happen for us.  And He did, and so I am.
I believe we each have a road to travel, each road has its own scenery, its own stumbling blocks, detours, and traffic jams.  My road over the last five years has been bumpy, not the most comfortable, but I can thank God for the scenery along the road, the people He allowed us to share the road with while here in Key West.  And I know the road ahead in Vero Beach will bring new friends, new adventures, new pitfalls, and new speed bumps.  But Ryan and I have driven through some hurricanes down here, and I know we'll be able to handle anything this new path brings. 

Thank you everyone in Key West, for the good times. We'll miss the ease of the island and the interesting lifestyle of living with so many, but God knows we're ready to go. And a word from the wise--you should really bring your desires to God in prayer. If it's in His will for you to have something, He'll make it happen, and His timing is better than ours.

Please be sure to check in for my next blogpost: The Joys and Pains of Living Next to My Older Sister.  :)


  1. I am so excited for your family Danielle! Prayers for a safe trip and an easy transition!!!

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