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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our First Fall in Vero Beach

I must apologize to my faithful two followers of this blog, I haven't kept up with my monthly posts, and I am sorry. But lucky for the masses that are just dying to hear from me, I had it on my mind to ignore the laundry and dishes tonight (not so different from every other night) and instead light some Marshmallow Fireside candles from Bath & Body, hit up Michael Buble's Holiday station on Pandora, and post.

Rolling into the fall has been lovely. I have already experienced some beautiful weather here in Vero, been able to cut the ac off and let the breezes blow through the house, simply dreamy. We are in a good routine now, Luke and Juliette just finished up their soccer season, Juliette takes a dance class once a week around the corner, and Luke is ready to plug into a scouting group now that soccer is done. They also get to go to a cool church class on Wednesday nights which they seem to really look forward to, and I have started going to church choir practice, and for those who know me well can verify, participating in making music is a highlight in my life. Ryan was helping to coach Luke's soccer team, but will most likely now move into the scouting dad again, and probably start baseball with Luke soon.

Jackson and Lincoln are still in the family, in fact I post more pictures of them than anything else these days, which my followers already know. They are just as lovable as ever, showing more personality differences and more strange similarities than probably most fraternal twins, but their delay in speech has finally got this laidback mom concerned. We recently took them to be evaluated by a speech therapist. They are now 26 months, and they've been evaluated to be about a year delayed in speech. They recommended hourly therapy, twice a week, to get them up to speed, since presently they don't use 3 words between them to communicate. It's a lot of grunting, pulling on my clothes, etc, to get what they want. In our defense, we try to sit with them, read with them, point to pictures and repeat sounds and words, but they are just uninterested, and Lincoln even seems to get angry when we sit and practice anything. They do probably watch too many Baby Einstein dvds, so we've cut some tv time out to give them more time for play and communication with us. Part of me wants to just say they're boys, they're twins, of COURSE they're going to be delayed. But the other part of me says get them help, make them practice, and don't ignore their delays. We'll start slowly with one 1/2 hour therapy each week, (that's all our insurance will cover at the moment) but I am hoping to replicate the therapy sessions at home each day and help jumpstart what I anticipate will soon be a language explosion. I've read a few articles about how to reinforce speech growth at home and I gotta say, it ain't rocket science. In fact it's exactly what all good parents do naturally, just perhaps in more concentrated doses, and with more determination.

Family of Oz, All Hallow's Eve
At first I felt lucky that they didn't talk. For heaven's sake, how could I handle listening to anyone besides Juliette all day? But it's time to stop calling them babies, and start expecting more from these munchkins. We know not to worry about such things, but we can still be proactive from this point forward.

This season has also brought along the exciting news of a fifth baby for our family! I do smile thinking about how 7 years ago Ryan and I could never have guessed how quickly and wonderfully our family would expand, and even giggle a little thinking of what Ryan's face would have looked like if God whispered to him that we would have five children before he turned 31.  I imagine the color would drain from his face and he would be silent, (his typical MO) but to be fair, who would know what to do with that sort of prophetic knowledge?  But thankfully God knows what we can handle, and when we can handle it. I'm constantly amazed at Ryan's composure for each new curveball thrown at him, and I know I'm a better mother and person because of his contagious serenity.  I am so proud of this guy I landed, (perhaps with some divine intervention, but nevertheless I was involved at some level) I will never stop bragging about him and thanking God for giving him to me to be my partner and lover and forever friend. He makes me smile when I want to and when I don't want to. He makes me laugh when I want to cry. And when it is easy for me to find negatives, he's right there to point out the positives.  No pregnancy puns intended.

I know five kids is a lot, for many it's just out of the question.  And we know money won't be piling up around us, sacrifices will be made for things we need instead of things we want, and yet we both know the relationships and experiences we'll give our children will be unique in ways that make up for any material thing they may lack.  I know this is right, five is right.  Being #2 of 6 myself, I can see it working beautifully. Both of our fathers are #2 of 5, so we know what it looks like.
I feel so excited and blessed and at peace with this pregnancy, it may surpass all the others in joy and fulfillment. 

So we look forward to the holidays coming up soon, where we're able to see family and friends we have missed for many months, decorate our little palace with cozy holiday cheer, and watch this new baby bring my belly back to that familiar shape I've come to really embrace. As always, we appreciate your prayers for our family, individually and collectively, to help us focus on what really matters, and to be bright lights for others who may not know what that even means.

Somewhat yours, faithfully His, and still in mediocrity,

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