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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goodnight China

I just wanted to let you all know, a few people in China find me amusing, and I can appreciate their fascination with my chaos. And I'm pretty excited about the pageview lovin from the Ukraine, Indonesia, and my 4 friends in France, India, and the Philippines as well. Mediocrity knows no national bias.

Everyone is asleep. I am stupid for not also going to bed. But as all moms know, this time is bliss. This is the time to relax and unwind.  No one is asking me for a drink, no one is crying, no one needs a pencil sharpened, no one needs help putting their clothes away, no one needs a lullaby, no one needs to be disciplined. No one needs pajamas, no one needs to be nursed, no one needs a diaper...When all the No Ones are asleep, it feels like the twilight zone, but it's a good twilight zone.  Going to bed late and losing a bit of that sleep is worth it.  I don't feel guilty being on the computer because after a long day of being needed, no one needs me. No one wants me, and in this case, it's a wonderful feeling!
But the morning will come faster than I'd like, so I'll just say one last thing.
I know very soon, all these needy children will grow up to be more self-sufficient, and you know what? I'll miss No One.  

JK JK.  I miss them already. 

Goodnight WORLD!  

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