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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Turn to Oils

It would come as no surprise to me if every single person reading this has more knowledge about using essential oils than I do at this moment. But for the sake of those less informed than I am, I will tell you what I know.

I know my family never used any oils for anything other than on baked potatoes and frying steaks up until 3 months ago. When we received our Starter Kit from Young Living, I admit to casually looking through the contents and pretty colorful glass bottles, then putting them back in their box and tucking it out of sight.

But within just a week I had cause to crack it open. My mom was visiting, and she was complaining of leg pain, which she usually gets from being on her feet too much during the day after having been in a terrible car accident years ago.

I looked through my manual and found that something in my kit called PanAway might do something. So I jokingly applied some to her legs. But within moments she claimed relief from the pain, she was giggling with surprise.

So I considered that a strange coincidence and put the bottle away.

But not too much time passed before my sister complained of a neck and shoulder pain, most likely from a strange sleeping position. She couldn't turn her head to the left at all.  I pulled PanAway out again, and was shocked that she admitted to also finding relief (big oil skeptic).

After that I started looking to the oils more regularly. I read more, I found that these oils claimed a wide variety of uses, some medicinal, but they did even more. I used Thieves in my cleaning around the house. I used Lavender on the kids regularly, for its claims of helping with sleep and restfulness. I gave Ryan the bottle of Stress Away to take to work, inhaling it or putting some on his wrists as his workday progressed, and even he admitted to feeling less burdened for the remaining parts of the day.
I began using the diffuser daily with a variety of the oils, to purify the air (I imagine if I could see the germs and yuck floating around this house of 7, I would move out), or to help the twins go to sleep, or to just make the house smell nicer.
In a horrible turn of events ALL of my starter oils were misplaced on a trip, and in one moment I lost all of them. :( So that was the moment when I realized I had become somewhat reliant on them. It wasn't long before I ordered more of the essential oils because I missed having them to diffuse, and I missed having them as options for fevers, congestion, nightmares, stink, bug bites, stress, dirty air, pains, scrapes, sore muscles, etc.
In my life, I love options. And I love that I have more now that we have the Young Living oils in our possession. And from what I've been reading, not all essential oils are created equal.
Check this out, from another blogger at, about Young Living Essential Oils:
  • They are the ONLY company that owns their own farms. Not only that, but they own more than 10,000 acres on six different continents so that they can grow plants in their natural habitats. Plus, they know when to harvest (some plants can only be harvested in a two hour time frame in the mornings in order to maintain their therapeutic value) and have distilleries right on the land.
  • They plant on fields that have been untouched by chemicals and follow those plants from seeds all the way to the bottles. "Organic" oils can legally come from GMO seeds, but Young Living takes that a step further by avoiding even those. If it's possible to be more than organic, Young Living has figured out how to do it.
  • They have 20 years of experience, and have set the international standard for essential oils.
  • They are the ones who invented the stringent tests that essential oil companies use. Most companies don't do all of the tests because they can be pricey, but Young Living conducts them all. On every batch of oil. Every time.
  • They only bottle and sell approximately 30% of the essential oils that they distill. The remaining 70% are sold off to other essential oil and soap companies as fragrance oils because they don't meet the extremely high quality control that Young Living has in place.
  • They have the most single oils and blends available. And they are all organic!
  • They have wholesale pricing available when you buy a membership (like Costco or Sam's Club!)
You can read her entire post about Young Living and why her family, after extensive research, chose Young Living among the other essential oil companies, here: A Beautiful Ruckus -- Switching to Young Living.

If you haven't tried any of their oils, you probably should. As a mom I rely on my bag of tricks to get me through life, and being able to add these oils to my bag of tricks makes me a more confident mama bear. One of my dear friends has the science and knowledge of these oils down pat, she is my go-to girl for questions and how-to's. If you are interested in these, I will hook you up with her, just let me know you're interested.  She is practical, intelligent, and beautiful, the latter doesn't really matter, but she is. She will be able to answer any questions that come up if you want to start your own oily adventure and open up your options for yourself and your family.

Now I'm off to bed. I'll be diffusing something magical and Ryan and I will be in dreamland before you even finish reading this post. :)

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