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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So Many Things: March

So many things.  Where to begin? 

First me. :)
I’m keeping my schedule busy, because that’s what Parkers do. I joined 3 different bible studies and after I drop the kiddos off at school, Levi and I head off to a different study on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. I am loving singing in church choir and on the praise team, which rehearses Wednesday nights and now Saturday mornings getting ready for Easter.  I’m signed up to teach the preschool music for VBS this summer, I serve on my sorority alumnae chapter’s exec board (although admittedly do next to nothing in my ‘office’), and I’ve recently told the PTA at the kids’ school that I can serve on the board if needed.  I’ll attend next Monday’s meeting to check it out.  J FUN!
I don’t know why. I just see a vacancy in my calendar and I want to fill it! I just enjoy being busy, I don’t like empty calendars. Ryan is the exact opposite, he does not want to see a busy schedule. So we compromise. I don’t show him. :)

My real life Jamsisters!
Jennifer Harmon, Business Development Director
Keri Evans, Founding Sister of Jamberry
Adam Hepworth, Jamberry CEO,
husband to Jamsister Christy

JK JK. I show him. He is a trooper.
So that brings me to my newest time sucker, JAAAAMBERRRY! YES, I say it with enthusiasm, even while typing it. You already know, since you are my friends, that I am head over heals in love and involved with this awesome company.  All these pics you see here are from our regional conference a couple months ago.  I will try to explain Jamlife to you without sounding like I’m selling to you, but it’s hard. I will try to just tell you why it’s been sucking my time.
I bought the starter kit because I wanted to fill some of my empties. I thought “EH. What the heck. They’re only nail stickers.  I don’t really have to LEARN about nail stickers. If I don’t enjoy being a consultant, I’ll just work to pay my kit off and call it a day.” I remember clearly the night I asked Ryan if it was cool if I bought a kit. He said sure, because he loves me and says sure to almost all of my crazy notions. You should find yourself a Ryan if there are any left, I highly recommend them.
So then I actually put some on (I know, most people try then buy. Not me. Rebel status.)  and I was just in love! I like pretty nails but painting them was stupid b/c they smudge or chip in .5 seconds, and I didn’t have the money or babysitters to go out and get my nails done all the time.  So I just had naked nails. But now I have pretty nails all the time! I can have soft neutral tones, funky graphic prints, feminine floral patterns, or festive shamrock nails, and I can do them myself, at home,  and each mani costs me less than $3! UM SO YEAH I’m SOLD.

But that’s just the product part, and that’s like, only a fraction of the pie. One of the other reasons I am sucked into Jamland is because I’m able to bring home dollars, just for sharing how much I love the jams I wear! SORRY I SHARE so much, I really do try to moderate it.  It’s just tough because it’s fun. I love getting to communicate, encourage, and be encouraged by other fun and excited women. Our team is just full of life and love and giggles, and we're all working Jamberry because we have a little dream that it can give us some sort of financial or personal freedom.
And the more I share what I love, the more others want to be part of it, the more others want to check it out for themselves, and that all means I am building a team, and making more money than I expected. I saw Jamberry as a possible budget helper, but now I'm seeing myself down the road, and it looks brighter and bigger than just a budget helper!  I am working with a team of 37 right now and it’s not getting any smaller…

Seriously, Ryan jokes about the day he’ll be able to stop working because of my jamfunds, but if I keep working at it I could make a full time income, staying home, doing this Jamberry thing!  It’s not even a far off, 10 year plan thing… it’s like a five year thing at most… It’s like a very real possibility thing. So I can be a stay at home mom and help financially?! I contemplated becoming a proofreader or writing a children’s book or something to help make money while staying at home. But instead I found Jamberry. Or God let me find Jamberry. 
Connie Lasita and Alison Dudney
Super Jamberry ladies!
Which brings me to a lesson learned in my obsession: Don’t let your hobby or job become so big that you can’t see anything else. I am keenly aware that God brought Jamberry to me as a blessing, but if it becomes a stumbling block in my relationship with Him I KNOW like any good dad, He’ll remove it QUICKSTAT.  So I’m trying to balance home life, wife life, mom life, and my spiritual life (which all totally overlap btw) with my Jamlife. I’m trying to not only balance them, but weave them expertly together like a tapestry, so that they’re actually more beautiful because of the threads around them, and they’re not in conflict at all. 
It’s a challenge, but I accept!

So. On to my other threads:

Luke is getting tall and has an F in math. J He’s also been sick for a couple days. His awesome teacher called last week to say he’s doodling way too much, he isn’t focused, and he doesn’t follow through. In the beginning she said she excused some of that b/c he had A’s and B’s (which he still does, except for that pesky math F) but now she says she’s concerned it isn’t getting any better.
All I can think of is Sebastian from Never Ending Story.
J He’s a dreamer. What can I say? So we’re working on keeping him focused and bringing the F up before report cards come out. He’s funny but he treads on thin ice when he brings his sarcasm into a convo with adults, and we’re trying to get him to reign it in, he can’t always be looking for the punchline when he’s dealing with adults.  He took some afterschool gold lessons this month and really liked it. We’re still trying to find his niche. He would argue that his niche is gaming. So the battle is on.  

Juliette is a magic light fairy who happens to live with a human family. She is funny and light on her toes and helpful, she’s high and low in a split second when she’s tired, she’s the boss and then the servant, and we aren’t really sure which it will be until she wakes up for the day. She wears her junior jams proudly for her mama and shows them off at school and gymnastics.  She’s in kindergarten and cries when she can’t find her homework.  She wears handmedown pink fringe boots (thanks Tanya!) and wants to put a show on for anyone who will watch. She’s been a little sick, and she cried when she learned Lincoln was assassinated this week.  It’s been a tough week for all. 

Jackson and Lincoln are still enjoying school with their early intervention class for 3 yr olds on the spectrum for autism. At their parent teacher conference (which is just weird for all you parents out there, going to a conference for 2 kids with one teacher, it’s hard not to compare them!) their teachers had wonderful things to say about their improvements, especially Lincoln, who’s made the most gains. Jackson is a bit more social in general since day one, and he’s also more volatile. When something doesn’t go according to his expectation he has a harder time adjusting. It’s interesting to see these 2 seemingly identical twins show so many similarities, and then show so many differences simultaneously.
Potty training is going well too! Jackson is a little more advanced shall we say? But we’re SOOO close to only buying diapers for one baby, and I can see the joy spread across Ryan’s face at the thought!
He likes to say the 8 years of buying diapers is finally coming to a close. That sounds a bit dramatic to me, but he’s a dramaqueen. :)

Ryan, as usual, is the rock of the family. He keeps his cool when people spill their milk or when I haven’t done the dishes or laundry in 3 days. He jumps on the trampoline with his kids the minute he walks in the door, only after giving me a smile and a kiss. He grabs Levi from my hip when he gets off the trampoline and helps plate dinners with the other hand.  He baths kids while I’m doing jamberry stuff, he sneaks out before I can even look up again from the computer and he’s brought me a starbucks coffee and a redbox.  He wakes up before me and makes lunches for the older two, runs out to get a full gallon of milk, loads the dishwasher, and then quietly kisses me goodbye without waking the baby in my arms. He jumps on his bike and heads to work, leaving me with the car and a full gallon of milk, two essential components to a successful morning.   
Levi is the happiest and cutest little redheaded baby I ever had. He crawls like a champ and is pulling himself up to standing. He weighs around 24 lbs at 10 months.  We have a follow up for his head this Friday in Orlando, I feel a large softspot that I never noticed before in an odd place and we are going to check it out then. He’s otherwise a great companion to me in the strange quiet of my days. I didn’t expect the twins to be in school this long until they entered kindergarten in 2017, and here I find myself with just baby levi from 9am-3pm everyday. That’s another reason why I like to busy myself with bible studies and business. I am supposed to be busy. 

Does that cover everyone?! I’m sorry it’s been so long since Ive given my update. I’m going a mile a minute these days and just trying to enjoy all the sweet parts of this life.  I miss all of you who I don’t get to see anymore but I’m grateful for being able to use this blog as a way to let you in, to peak into my window and see a small scope of what is happening in the McLean world. It’s fast paced, and it’s dirty. But it sure is beautiful.